Climate Resilience to a Climate of Peace


This episode looks into a high-priority policy and research topic: the nexus of climate change and conflict. As a threat multiplier, climate change impacts are likely to drive instability that may result in devastating effects for the world’s most vulnerable. The World Bank estimates it could drive more than 150 million people from their homes in the next 30 years, and possible violence could amplify the devastation that comes with it. The episode's content was provided by Conservation International, a global conservation organization working in 30 countries around the world to protect nature and biodiversity. Their vision is a healthy, prosperous world in which societies are committed to caring for and valuing nature, for the long-term benefit of people and all life on Earth. To do so, CI implements an intentional, proactive approach to address conflict risks impacting work, staff and the communities where they work. To find out more about Conservation International’s work on conservation and peace, visit their website at Host: Hesta Groenewald, Associate Consultant, PeaceNexus Foundation. Hesta has 20 years’ experience in conflict, peacebuilding and gender work. She has particular expertise on implementing conflict-sensitive approaches and on incorporating gender into conflict analysis and peacebuilding. She previously worked for the international peacebuilding NGO, Saferworld, in a variety of roles, including Conflict Adviser, Regional Head of Programmes and as global Head of Research and Programme Support. Currently, she is an independent consultant and Associate Consultant with the PeaceNexus Foundation, with a particular focus on conflict sensitivity, conservation and environment. Guest: Giacomo Fedele,Climate Adaptation Manager, Conservation International. Giacomo has a PhD in Environmental Science focusing on nature-based solutions for adaptation. He is interested in global sustainability challenges driven by climate change. In his role as Climate Change Adaptation Manager at Conservation International, he leads cutting edge research and tool development to identify, value and protect nature to help people reduce climate-related vulnerabilities. He previously worked with the United Nations, the Swiss government, and international research organizations on topics related to environment and climate change. Guest: Lydia Cardona, Former Conflict Resolution and Peace Manager, Conservation International Lydia Cardona holds a Master of Philosophy, International Peace Studies, with Distinction from the University of Dublin, Trinity College, Dublin. She is a passionate advocate and researcher, writer and trainer skilled at providing technical support on critical human rights, gender, and conflict issues. She formerly served as the Manager for Conflict Resolution and Peace at Conservation International. The graphics for this podcast were provided by Camden Edmond and Skyler Beatty - Ancient River Design

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