Poachers to Peace Advocates


This episode's content was provided by the PeaceNexus Foundation. Headquartered in Switzerland, it has staff in West Africa, Central Asia, Southeast Asia and the Western Balkans. PeaceNexus supports international and local civil society, government institutions and companies who want to better understand their contexts, and become more effective in peacebuilding. Like all other partners of this podcast, PeaceNexus wants to see peacebuilding and conservation work be much more connected so that practitioners can learn from each other and achieve greater impact together. To find out more about the work of PeaceNexus visit their website, peacenexus.org or follow them on LinkedIn. Host: Hesta Groenewald, Associate Consultant, PeaceNexus Foundation. Hesta has 20 years’ experience in conflict, peacebuilding and gender work. She has particular expertise on implementing conflict-sensitive approaches and on incorporating gender into conflict analysis and peacebuilding. She previously worked for the international peacebuilding NGO, Saferworld, in a variety of roles, including Conflict Adviser, Regional Head of Programmes and as global Head of Research and Programme Support. Currently, she is an independent consultant and Associate Consultant with the PeaceNexus Foundation, with a particular focus on conflict sensitivity, conservation and environment. Guest: Josephine Ekiru. Josephine is from the Turkana community in Northern Kenya and has dedicated her life to building peace in her community and beyond. Today, Josephine leads the Peace Programme for the Northern Rangelands Trust (NRT), working with over 100 peace ambassadors (including a large number of women) and pastoralist representatives across 4.5 million hectares of Kenya's arid northern and eastern regions. Josephine continues to play an important leadership role in the community conservancy movement in Northern Kenya as a way to enable peaceful and sustainable shared management of land and wildlife. The graphics for this podcast were provided by Camden Edmond and Skyler Beatty - Ancient River Design ancientriverdesign.com.

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